Benefits Information

Our employees are our most valuable resource. HCS strives to provide our outsourced healthcare associates a quality benefits plan that meets your needs and the needs of your family. Each state and government contract differs and benefit plans are tailored to specific client contract needs.

The following is a brief description of the types of benefits typically available to our healthcare associates. Please check with HCS for the plan specific details for your location. In general, full-time healthcare associates working with HCS are eligible for a quality employee benefits package.


Each government contract imposes different eligibility criteria based on the contacting entity, job title, geographic location, and job status. If you are a full time healthcare associate working on a contract that provides benefits you must successfully complete a ninety day probationary period to be eligible for any benefit package.

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HCS provides employee benefits that may include:

+ Compensation

Our healthcare associates can expect to receive market competitive base pay rates. You may earn more due to shift differentials and overtime. We conform to all Wage and Hour guidelines including overtime and time. Pay rates vary for each location depending on the contract, your specialty and job title. You will be paid directly by the payroll department at HealthCare Staffing.

+ Bi-Weekly Pay

HCS generally pays our state and government employees every two weeks, and our payroll department makes sure that our employees are paid the correct amount on time.

+ Direct Deposit

Our healthcare associates receive weekly paychecks and enjoy the security and convenience of automatic direct deposits through our payroll partner, ADP. On the same day your pay is electronically deposited into your personal bank account, you can view your pay stub online!

+ Paid Time Off

Eligible fulltime healthcare associates may accrue paid time off hours each month. PTO hours maybe used for what ever purpose you wish including but not limited to illness, dependent illness, vacation, holidays and personal days. PTO maybe used following the 90 day probationary period with prior supervisor approval. Check with your HealthCare Staffing representative for details on your facility’s PTO plan.

+ Holidays

HCS pays eligible full time healthcare associates for six holidays per year including New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Please consult with your HCS staffing representative for your facility’s holiday plan.

+ Jury Duty

Eligible healthcare associates may receive up to three days of jury duty pay annually. Upon completion of jury duty, employees will be paid eight hours per day for jury duty in a county, state, or federal court. Specific details on paid time off for jury duty are available from your staffing representative.

+ Pre-tax Benefits

All of the insurance plans Healthcare Staffing, Inc. (HCS) provides are under IRS Section 125 which means all premiums for the insurances you choose to purchase will be deducted pre-tax.

+ Insurance Benefits

Full time eligible healthcare associates receive access to group health and dental insurance benefits. We also offer health insurance solutions for your family at a discounted rate.

+ Medical Plan

HCS offers medical coverage through major insurance companies including employee only coverage, employee and spouse, employee and children, and family plans. You choose the one that works for you. Our medical plan minimizes out of pocket expenses and meets a wide range of healthcare needs. If you are eligible, coverage begins on the first of the month after 90 days of employment.

+ Dental Insurance

Our dental plan is provided by a national insurance company and pays 100 percent of your dental premiums and covers diagnostic and preventative procedures at 50 percent.

+ Disability

Eligible healthcare associates can purchase Voluntary Disability Insurance for coverage of up to 6 months with a minimum of $500 per month coverage up to a maximum of the lesser of $5,000 or 80% of basic covered monthly earnings, rounded to the next lower $100. Please consult with your HealthCare Staffing representative for details on your facility plan.

+ Free Term Life Insurance

HCS provides each full time eligible healthcare associate with $15,000 of term life insurance at no charge to the employee.

+ Continuing Education

We realize how important it is to keep up with technological and research advances in the healthcare field. HCS maintains a resource page to help you enhance your credentials and education. For more information, please look at the Education section of our web site.