Personnel Credentials: A Focus on Quality

Employer Credential Standards

HCS respects the credentialing requirements of our clients. Our credentialing system is designed to be flexible so that we are able to customize the credential requirements for each client. We understand that providing our clients with a complete set of credentials is an important step in a successful placement for travel, contract or per diem positions.

HCS outsourcing services provides credentials in accordance to the specific needs of the client, and varies based on the client’s governing bodies and accreditation.

Our credentialing process for travel, contract and per diem positions is a three step process. Most of the application and credentialing process can be completed through our website.

Basic Credential Package

First we need a basic set of credentials to ensure the Healthcare Provider meets the client's standards for experience, skills, and professionalism. The basic credential package includes:

  • Application
  • Documented current experience
  • Skills Check List
  • Two Work References

HCS Credential Package

Second, after we have determined the healthcare provider meets the basic standards, we proceed with our in-depth credentialing process. HCS's credential package includes all of the following items, and often includes client specific requirements:

  • Primary Source Verified License / Certification
  • BCLS/ACLS/NRP or other certifications
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • 10 Panel Drug and Alcohol Screen
  • Physical, TB, Immunizations (Varicella/Rubella/Rubeola)
  • SAMS/EPLS/OIG and Abuse Registry Checks
  • Annual Joint Commission and HIPAA Training
  • Pharmacology and Skills Competency Testing
  • Government Related forms
  • E-Verify
  • Other Specific Client or Position Requirements

Additional Client Requirements

Lastly, the client may have certain requirements that must be completed on site prior to starting the assignment such as:

  • On-site Orientation
  • On-site testing

Range of Services HCS provides

In addition to one of the strongest credentialing program available, Healthcare Staffing offers our Clients a complete range of services for the Healthcare Providers we represent

  • Complete pre-hire credentialing packages
  • Coordination of the entire process from job search through end of assignment
  • HCS staff on duty 24/7/365
  • Complete Insurance program with high limits
  • Security of doing business with an employee based agency
  • Weekly or Monthly billing
  • Annual Joint Commission training for Healthcare Providers
  • Annual HIPAA training for Healthcare Providers
  • Customized credentials to your requirements
  • Written confirmation of assignments
  • Same day response to complaints, grievances, and incidents
  • Exceptional customer service

HCS has one of the most thorough credentialing programs in the staffing industry. We find requiring complete credentials improves the quality of our Healthcare Providers. We believe our years of experience, combined with the company philosophy of serving our clients and healthcare providers, offers our clients an exceptional value.