Why use a temporary staffing service?

Healthcare personnel shortages cost money and can damage the trust you work so hard to earn with the community, loss of revenue and cause concern because of delays, increased waiting times and cancellations. Hiring permanent providers can take four to six months; so for immediate results, facilities turn to HCS to find highly qualified nursing and allied health personnel to maintain revenue, patient flow and staff and community morale.

Contact us for all your immediate and future temporary staffing needs, including:

  • Planned leave of absence
  • Census fluctuations
  • Vacation coverage
  • Opening of a new unit or facility
  • Temporary staffing of a difficult to fill permanent position while you continue recruitment efforts

Frequently Asked Questions:

+ How do you choose a healthcare staffing company?

HCS has over 20 years’ experience and staffing professionals who care about matching you with high-quality per diem, travel or outsourced healthcare personnel.

+ What attracts providers to travel assignments?

Traveling as a healthcare professional is increasingly popular among mid-level providers. According to recent surveys, the top reasons healthcare professionals travel are: flexibility (16 percent), career control (19 percent), travel (35 percent) and pay (68 percent). Healthcare professionals use temporary staffing to explore practice settings or new locations. Travelers enjoy the excellent pay, benefits and freedom to live and work in different regions of the United States.

+ Are temporary healthcare providers as well-qualified as permanent providers?

A survey conducted in 2003 indicates that about 80 percent of healthcare administrators and department directors rate temporary healthcare providers equal or superior to their current staff providers. HCS has an extremely rigorous credentialing quality assurance to maintain the highest level of service. Each provider goes through an extensive in-house qualifying process and rigid underwriting by our medical malpractice carrier. We also collect feedback regarding provider performance and attitude during each placement.

+ What special skills or competencies does HCS require for its nurses?

Each nurse employed by HCS has a minimum of one year of current experience in his or her specialty. Some require a greater level of experience. Initial screening includes a background check, licensure verification and a review of skill sets appropriate to clinical areas. HCS provides continuing education for its nurses to ensure that they meet the highest clinical standards. HCS publishes an annual Workplace Safety and Standard Manual, which outlines regulatory information including Joint Commission, OSHA and HIPAA information for annual review. HCS provides via its website, continuing education resources for its employees.

+ What types of nurse staffing do you provide?

We provide nurses from all specialties, licensed practical or vocational nurses and advanced practice nurses in a wide variety of specialties for assignments ranging from a few shifts per month (per diem) to assignments of 13 to 26 weeks. We typically place most of our nurses on 13-week local and travel assignments with hospitals and healthcare facilities. Nurses in our outsourced program are employed as full time, part-time or PRN as specified by the client.

+ Is the healthcare staffing coverage for brief periods or long-term?

Both. The typical travel or local contract assignment runs 13 weeks. But HCS helps providers cover vacancies lasting from three days to one year. Facilities often realize significant savings by using temporary staffing providers to cover extensive vacancies. Outsourced employees are assigned on a full-time, part-time or PRN basis depending on the client’s staffing needs. Generally outsourcing contracts are for a minimum of one year.

+ How are providers compensated?

HCS processes payments on a weekly basis on behalf of its temporary and travel health professionals. Outsourced employees are paid on a weekly or biweekly basis contingent on the needs of the client. Providers contact HCS directly with questions regarding payment rates, premium pay, expenses, or other related matters. Our system offers you less paperwork headaches. We also coordinate travel, housing and transportation.

+ What are your fees/pricing?

There is no up-front fee for requesting healthcare staffing coverage through HCS and HCS Travelers. We operate on a contingency basis. Daily rates for temporary healthcare personnel vary according to specialty. If you decide to hire one of our providers following completion of their assignment, there are no fees or limitations. Contact us for more information on pricing for per diem, travel and local contracts and outsourcing.

+ How quickly can you find a healthcare professional for my facility?

We have placed healthcare professionals within a few days of receiving a staffing request and as early as a few days before the start date. The HCS network of qualified healthcare personnel lets us locate the most qualified candidate for your facility.

+ Is it possible to extend a temporary assignment?

Yes, in fact many of our healthcare professionals extend with our clients beyond their initial assignment. You can extend a temporary assignment for any duration that suits your staffing requirements.

+ How do you recruit healthcare professionals?

HCS uses a multi-band recruitment strategy that allows us to attract healthcare professionals from all disciplines and specialties. We have recently undertaken an aggressive use of the Internet as part of our recruitment strategy. This includes reaching out to thousands of healthcare professionals globally every day through recruitment web sites. We also advertise in major industry publications and regional newspapers and attend many regional healthcare recruitment events.
However, our best recruitment source is referrals from current and former employees who recommend HCS to their coworkers.

+ Who is responsible for providing accommodations for the temporary healthcare professional?

Under our standard service agreement, HCS Travelers will find suitable accommodations for the temporary clinicians you employ through us.

+ Who is responsible for providing professional liability insurance for temporary healthcare professionals?

HCS provides each provider with professional liability with high coverage limits. A certificate of insurance can be provided to your facility with specific coverage limits.

+ What is the first step I need to take if I have a staffing need?

The first step is to Contact us with your staffing needs or call our corporate office at 1-800-275-2012.

+ Does HCS offer Outsourcing Programs?

Outsourcing Programs are designed based in the client’s specific needs and situation. Please call 1-800-275-2012 to discuss your needs or send us a request.