Our History

Healthcare Staffing, Inc. (HCS) was founded in June 1995, as the franchise holder for the North Georgia territory for a national supplemental medical staffing company. The territory, which included Atlanta and Augusta Georgia, is one of the most sophisticated and competitive healthcare staffing markets in the United States. By being associated with a national company with over twenty years experience, HCS was able to develop a comprehensive approach to the North Georgia healthcare market. HCS was very successful and became one of the largest offices for the national company. To address the growing market for healthcare professional staffing, Novation Companies, Inc acquired HCS in July 2017. With decades of leadership, experience and deep relationships with Healthcare providers, HCS adds an important component to Novation Companies expanding, services. 


HCS has expanded both our service offerings and territory significantly. Currently we have eleven offices throughout the state of Georgia, and employ more than 1,600 employees in more than 150 facilities. We provide a broad range of employees, including healthcare providers, mental health and developmental disabilities and addictive diseases professionals and technicians to healthcare clerks, administrative and accounting personnel, and managers. We offer our employee services in a number of contract formats including Per Diem, Travel and Local contracts, and Outsourcing. We customize our approach to meet the needs of our client.

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HCS is one of the largest staffing agencies serving the Atlanta market. Our agency maintains a sharp focus on quality . HCS uses a sophisticated web based system to recruit, credential, and manage our healthcare providers to meet our client’s credentialing standards. HCS meets or exceeds all JACHO,CARF and OSHA standards. HCS only hires those qualified and experienced healthcare providers that meet the specific needs of our clients.

The acute care healthcare staffing market has changed significantly over the past few years. HCS has addressed these changes in the market to insure we are positioned to meet the future needs of our acute care clients. HCS expanded into the healthcare travel business in 2010. HCS’ goal is to be the quality provider of travel nurses and travel therapists for the Atlanta market. As a regional independent agency we are able to supply our clients with quality, properly credentialed nurses and therapists at highly competitive rates.

In 1999 HCS began outsourcing employees for primarily government owned healthcare facilities. Today HCS is the largest provider of outsourced healthcare workers in the State of Georgia. We provide healthcare workers for schools, prisons, and community based programs.

As a healthcare agency it is necessary to understand and meet the needs of both our clients and healthcare providers. HCS has years of experience and understands we must offer our clients a quality , properly credentialed healthcare provider. We must offer our healthcare providers a customized competitive compensation plan and benefit package, and place them only in assignments for which they are qualified.


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